Reviews about Colife
Feel the COLIFE atmosphere from those who already live with us
Darya Kudelina
Hi there!!! I really want to share my opinion about the wonderful Colife✨ An amazing project that I can't stop admiring! It has everything to feel comfortable: a cozy and modern interior, service, responsive staff, location, neighbors. Everything to feel exactly at HOME! ❤
As a university graduate, it was important for me to quickly decide where to live. My lack of apartment hunting experience, fears, and worries soon faded away when I encountered Colife. After a couple of clicks, I found the right room. Then a manager contacted me and ta-da! I live in a picturesque place, close to work, in the company of wonderful people. Everything is simple and concise.
Thank you, Colife, for feeling confident, calm, and comfortable, for HOME❤
Re Yun
I wanted to write a review about COLIFE for a long time.
I've been in Moscow for over 2 years now and my only regret is that I didn't find them sooner :)
Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is the bright, cozy apartments. Personally, the height of the ceilings is crucial for me, so I'm in love with the apartment I live in :)
Every week, they clean the common area, which is bound to please those who are often away at work. I also like the team: they are always polite and patient with you. They listen and give feedback. Nice quiet neighborhood, which is equipped with everything and more, near there are Moscow State University and the view point. It is located 5-7 minutes from the Akademicheskaya metro station.
I feared that none of this was true and that it was impossible at all😂
They satisfied all my expectations.
COLIFE is ♥️
Rimma Vildanova
Coliving is ideal when you come to study/work in another city, and all you need is just a cozy room and good company, which saves you from loneliness. :) After coliving abroad and coming to Moscow, I was looking for exactly this type of housing and was very happy to find Colife. The minimalistic design of the room, the kitchen with everything you need, and the bombastic view from the window - this is what makes living in my apartment comfortable and cozy☺️ Responsive guys from the Colife team are ready to help in any matter, sometimes it is even uncomfortable when you realize what trifle you bothered the employee with😅 In general, it is only my second month in Moscow, and understanding that I already have a comfortable home, which I take a fancy to, makes everyday life a bit brighter😊
Anastasiya Kozyreva
It's easy to live when grandma's wallpaper is not peeling off, the faucet in the kitchen is not leaking, and all modes of the shower in the bathroom work! It's great to take pictures when the walls are light, the interior is cool, and the lighting is perfect even when it's raining! I get a real thrill out of working when nothing distracts or bothers me! And if the view from the window is a killer feature?! For the second month, Colife's room is my cozy little nest that has everything I love, it is minimalist, stylish, close to the center, and I have a cool girlfriend in the next room as well! Thank you, Colife, for the comfort and saved nerve cells in the choice of housing❤
Sophia Fomenko
Hello, everybody! My name is Sophie. I want to thank the Colife team very much for their help with the move-in and the cozy apartment. I had to move urgently in one day and thanks to the guys (namely Sergei and Karina) it happened quickly and comfortably. At Colife, I love the location and the wonderful cozy atmosphere people have created to make me feel at home even when I'm away from my loved ones. Thank you so much for that!
Anastasia Laim
Afternoon! I would like to thank Colife for their smooth work and care for their tenants. :) I was very lucky to find a spacious and light room, in a great neighborhood, with easy accessibility😊
Darya Petrova
I can say with confidence that by choosing Colife, I saved a lot of time, effort, and, most importantly, nerves. The company has a very friendly support service that is always ready to answer any question and solve almost any problem related to your apartment. The rooms are very bright and will serve you as a cozy refuge in this sometimes overly noisy and fast-paced city. In our apartment, neighbors are very quiet, and we do not encroach on each other's personal space, which is also a definite plus. All in all, thank you very much for Colife's work and concern for the tenants.
Nikita Void
When I came to Moscow to look for accommodation, I only had a couple of days to check in and quite a few options. The apartment at Colife was first on my list to view, and when an hour after I walked out of there to look at another apartment, I had already made up my mind that I would go back and move in. By late afternoon I was already settling in and couldn't be happier with how quickly my moving problems were solved, and also with such a cozy place and great location. Now it's my second month here and I'm afraid to even imagine how many headaches I avoided by not choosing to rent from some strange owners. I live in one of my favorite areas with good neighbors; everything in the house is super comfortable. It's nice to wake up and fall asleep here. I'm very glad I found you 🤍
Elizaveta Glagoleva
When I first moved to Moscow, it was very difficult to find a suitable apartment. Many apartments did not meet expectations or were far from the metro, which is very uncomfortable. After a while, I got to know this great group. In quite a short time, I was able to find a suitable option near the center, everything I needed for housing was already there. A huge plus that once a week we have cleaning because sometimes you get very tired: you just want to come home to rest, have a heart-to-heart talk with your neighbors, who by the way are all versatile individuals, have a great time and gain strength for a new day in a pleasant atmosphere. All this I can fully realize in our new apartment. Thank you for being there :)❤️
Alena Bukhta
Thank you 🥰 I want to say thank you so much for being there! A month ago, I had to urgently travel to Moscow and look for accommodation. I started looking for apartments from all the usual sites, but alas, my search has collapsed... It was a headache, the eternal problems with moving in, terrible apartments that are not like in the photo, so I had to despair ☹️
And then, sitting in a coffee shop, not assuming that in a minute I would find a photo of my room to live in, I go to the Instagram recommendations for Colife's profile, and I am amazed... 😧
I am amazed at how much the profile fits my lifestyle, how well every detail of the interior is thought out 😻
You, you are exactly what I was looking for! Coziness, space, downtown location, friendly neighbors ❤️
Since I choose my 'nest' very carefully, I can without a doubt recommend the Colife company 🙏
Darya Bondarenko
Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I thank COLIFE! I've been in Moscow for more than 2.5 years, and 3 months of living in my beautiful room at Kurskaya I consider to be the best of all time!
1. What they say about 'Instagram rooms' is true; all rooms are welcoming, you want to take pictures in them, make videos, and never feel ashamed to go live.
2. Location. Walk to work or live two minutes from the coolest shopping malls? Walk to Gorky Park? Wake up with a view of the Garden Ring? That's Colife
3. Neighbors. If you once lived alone in an apartment and loneliness is not your thing, then in Colife you get neighbors with whom you can chat through the evening in the kitchen over a cup of tea. You can ask them to meet the delivery in your absence. The main thing is to always hear that you are not alone.
At the same time, there was never a queue🤷🏻♀️
Even with similar schedules, we don't really overlap😁
Walking in the park once a week :)
4. Price. Without further ado, a person who has already looked for a place to live and knows the market will understand how beneficial deals in Colife really are. These are not all, but the most important criteria for me :) I appreciate every hour I spend at home. :)
Tatiana Pavlyuchenkova

My boyfriend and I joined the Colife family 3 months ago😌 It was important to us that our new home was warm, cozy, with a good kitchen for conversations with our new neighbors 🥰 We never expected to find our inspiration and workplace like this😍 I wish everyone to have a chicken in every pot like we do❤️
Kristina Chernova
I am very grateful to Colife for allaying my fears about moving. Everything turned out much easier with their help. I find tons of pluses in the accommodation. I am very lucky to have friendly neighbors and a sweet atmosphere at home 🍂
I can also watch the sunset while lying on my bed 🌤
My only regret is that I didn't take this step before 🧡
Lena Khil
Cheerio! 🎇
In Moscow, it's problematic to find a good apartment for reasonable money, and with proper repair! And that's THE ONLY KIND Colife has! I'd love to thank all the employees for being customer-oriented 💖
Always answering, helping, solving issues!
Mitya Garyaev
Hello, everybody! If you are now choosing a place to live in Moscow, I advise you to contact Colife! It has always been important to me to live in comfort and coziness, and when all this is combined with a central location and great neighbors... Then the emotions overwhelm you 😁 I advise those who have doubts and lack trust to try living with this big family at least once, and you will be drawn in 🙌🏽
Milena Astakhova
Colife is the best option to find housing near work/university and the bonus of getting close neighbors, fresh light renovations, and great managers. I've been looking from different angles at Colife apartments for a long time, I still couldn't make up my mind, but after my sweet room on Taganka and my favorite neighbor saved and colored my everyday life during the dreary quarantine, I wish I had moved here much earlier.
If you got your heart pumping at the sight of these apartments as I did, then don't drag it out! Perhaps this is the chance to get a cozy little nest that you won't want to leave for months or even years.
Maria Ershova
Hello, everybody! COLIFE is a godsend for those who are looking for comfort, modern renovation, cleanliness, proximity to the metro, and infrastructure close to home. I'm insanely happy every day that one day I got an ad on Instagram and decided to move❤ And one of the main pluses is cleaning once a week in the common area, which allows you to do without duty rosters and cleaning in the common areas. The neighbors, by the way, are very friendly, and when you're not ready to live alone, it's perfect to hear 'good morning'😊 in the morning.
Yulia Oreshnikova
When I opened the fridge for the first time and saw two bags of oat milk on the shelf, I told the manager: I'm not the only one here who doesn't drink cow's milk, so we'll become friends.😅🥛

And we did become friends.❤️

The @colife managers say that in their apartments you can find people who make life and living as comfortable as possible. So, we go for a run, or we do English together in the evening/discuss everything in the world, we go grocery shopping together or take walks from lunch until the evening.

I spent my quarantine within the walls of @colife without ever feeling bored or lonely while everyone else was cooped up! Now, if I move then only to @colife, and only together with my neighbors.💫☺️
Ekaterina Ermakova
I moved to Moscow from China. It took me a very long time to choose an apartment. I searched the whole Internet, there was nothing suitable. I wanted a beautiful renovation and a convenient location at an affordable price. Who would have thought that I would find my dream apartment on Instagram?Thanks to the recommendations in the feed. I was delighted, happy, and thought how lucky I've been when I moved into the Colife apartment. New furniture, dishes, textiles, repairs, friendly and lovely neighbors. I also really like the attitude of the agency staff to the clients. Everyone is polite, tactful, frank. A modern European approach to business, as they say. I love you. Thank you. I will be with you forever until I buy my own place. :)
Eldar Karimov
My name is Eldar, I've been renting a room with a roommate from Colife for six months now!
Our room is huge and light, which can not but please you; besides soft and comfortable beds in the room, there is a large corner couch, where we watch movies or read books in the evenings.
The apartment is very cozy with all the amenities present. A cleaning company keeps the apartment clean and tidy. All problems are solved immediately, which is very convenient. Now I recommend rooms and apartments from Colife to all my friends and acquaintances! 💜
Arthur Izmailov
Hello, everybody! My name is Arthur.

I work as a pastry chef in a restaurant. :)
Here's half a year as I rent a room via Colife and believe me, this is the best option to find housing in Moscow as organizers help you with everything in life. :) A lot of pros, a huge light room, fresh repairs and I want to quickly return home after work!!!
Colife solves absolutely any problem instantly, right down to a blown light bulb 💡
It's very important to feel cozy, comfortable and calm, and with Colife, it's all real!!!
I'm really psyched that I accidentally bumped into COLIFE!!!!
Stepan Shvedchikov
Hello! My name is Stepan

I am a student, and for me, colife is just perfect. I've been living in the apartment for over half a year now, and every day I'm happy to come home. And now, at this difficult time under quarantine, it's especially enjoyable to be in a lovely, warm, and clean apartment.

It's essential for me to have an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, and with Colife you feel really at home. A huge plus for me is the location of the house, because I live literally a stone's throw from the metro!

I'm very glad I stumbled upon Colife once and have never regretted it!
Tabik Talibov
In such unstable times, the search for a good home can take months. Not to mention that you can meet crooks on your way and lose money and nerves.

But I got lucky when I found Colife!
I've been living in a comfortable apartment for six months now. Safety, comfort, and proximity to the metro are the main priorities for me.

Light rooms, adequate neighbors, and the service offered by the Colife team; nothing but joy.
Prompt solution to any problem at any time of the day or night.

The price justifies the quality of services! I was convinced of that once again.

In general, friends, if you want to rent a room or an apartment and feel at home, you need Colife ♥ 🏠
Diana Alieva
Hello! My boyfriend and I lived in a superb room at Kievskaya. The most critical thing for us was the location, the renovations that weren't depressing and the cool neighbors. All the stars are aligned here! We loved our room and if it were not for the situation in the world, we would never leave💔
Marie Ra
Guys, thank you very much for the warmth, comfort, hospitality! It's safe and secure with you! That's the right place, especially for me, coming to Moscow for the first time! You are doing a cool, big job! Bringing together interesting creative people from all over the country and giving them a real home!!! I wish to you prosperity, the growth of stylish apartments, and more of us! :) 100% recommended!!!
Daria Kulikova
Hi, my name is Daria and I've been living in Colife in Khamovniki for the past 3 months. 🖤
It must be said that the apartment on Sportivnaya has its special magic: it is impossible not to fall in love with it.✨
Spacious, bright, located in the most comfortable and pleasant district of Moscow, Khamovniki.
For me, the story of this neighborhood began five years ago, when I entered medical school. At that time, I could not imagine that I would live 5 minutes away from my school and walk around the Novodevichy neighborhood every day.
The magic of the apartment doesn't end there: things start to automatically get better for everyone who moves here. And it is not surprising because there is no need to spend time on solving minor household problems and travel. Cleaning comes like clockwork, and the Colife team is on call 24/7 and always ready to help. That leaves time for both work and rest.
All the guys who live in our apartment are like apples and oranges. Each of us works in a different field, but we all have one thing in common, that is, energy and a sincere love for our work. That's why we always have something to discuss.
For me, the Colife apartment is an extension of my very personal love story about Moscow and a source of inspiration every day.🌞
Alena ♡ Makina
Hello, everybody!😌

My name is Alena, I'm 23, and I moved to the Russian capital in October.
After my first few months in Moscow, I faced the well-known problem of beastly landlords who get in the hair. The situation quickly got outta hand, so I urgently needed to find a suitable room in two days. TWO, NO KIDDING! IN MOSCOW... 🙃

But the marvelous guys from CoLife came to help me and just changed my understanding of finding rooms in Moscow. I honestly thought there was no such thing 😱 CoLife cares about providing the most comfortable housing based on personal parameters and people's preferences. The guys were very prompt and attentive to my request for help, and after two viewings, I found my babe 🤪🥰 Two days was enough to find my perfect apartment in Moscow. Everything is very clear, understandable, honest, and most importantly, fast and easy!

I have been living in Pechatniki for several months now. It takes 10-15 minutes to walk to the metro, just enough time to listen to a couple of favorite tracks and get some fresh air while getting in the mood for the day's work.
Nearby (take your pick whether it's a 2- or 10-minute walk) are many different stores, which is incredibly convenient. I have a beautiful view of the embankment and the Moskva River 😍 I have wonderful neighbors too (what I was most worried about, to be honest), there is always someone who will wish you good morning, even more than once 😅 and someone who will support you with a glass of wine and jokes after a hard day's work. Another huge plus of CoLife service is that they come to clean our apartment from time to time, which I think is priceless! 🤩🙏🏽

In general, my gratitude is unlimited! Finally, I am living the life I deserve, in perfect harmony with myself and my cozy little nest. Thank you so much! ♥️
Victoria Verchenkova

My name is Vika, and I live with my roommate 4 minutes walk from the Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station 🌸

What is precious about my life today is that I can stroll through the historic center of Moscow, which is, you could say, within walking distance! Almost everywhere I can reach on foot!
Before that, I was looking for apartments whose pictures were not the best in my life, everything as usual, old repairs, miserable kitchens, and baths. Here we have a clean apartment that is nice to be in, and that's very important when you come home tired! When choosing an apartment, cleanliness was the most important to me, and on other sites, I was looking for something suitable! Colife keeps it clean!
Also, when you live with someone, it's a lot more fun, you make new friends, you don't get lonely! I'm glad Damir (see below, post about him dragging half of Volgograd to Colife) told me about this company!
And of course a nice perk is the cleaning of the common areas! 🌸
Igor Berdnikov
Hello :)
My name is Igor, I'm a photographer, and I'm tickled pink to find out about Colife!
I almost live in Moscow City, the metro station is across the street, stores and shopping malls are close at hand; the location is awesome, in a word :)
But a comfortable location and views from the window are not all the benefits of life in Colife :)
As a creative person, I cared about the interior, and everything here is super! Both rooms and common areas :)
One can only dream of such neighbors as in Colife. :) Friendly, clean, everyone has their own exciting activities. :)
Living in this format is very comfortable, and during all the time there were no problems, not even queues in the shower or something. None.
I spent a month looking for a place, and it was either far outside the MRHW, triple deposits to move in, or no guarantee that they are not scammers.

But it's very easy to start living in Colife! :)
Everything is made for people here. :)
You will not find this kind of housing in the center of Moscow and with such a repair anywhere, believe me, cause I tried 😂
Alina Bosch
Hello :)) My roommate and I live on Nakhimovsky Avenue in a very large and bright apartment.
Three minutes from the metro, a beautiful landscaped courtyard, clean entrance.☺️

I spent about two weeks looking for a room, bumped into scammers, the owners asked me strange questions on the phone.😤
I didn't want to look for anything at all anymore...
Until I got the guys' account.☺️
I wrote that I needed a room and preferably on the Gray metro line. Immediately I received an answer, and the next morning I already moved into a new, bright apartment. The guys didn't ask weird questions, they don't bug with calls. There is the cleaning, and once a week, a woman comes to clean the common areas. Also, there is Max (I call him a Fixie or a fixer); as soon as something is broken, I immediately turn to him, and the problem is solved. We have a group in What's App messenger where if anything, guys write or where you can ask a question.🤩 Everything is simple, clear, and very modern.
Two rooms are empty, I'm really waiting for the neighbors to move in, and for the apartment to be filled with laughter and delicious smells of food🤤😍
Sasha Malinkina
Hello! I live at Tulskaya too, and Alexandra, who left the review below, is my neighbor! ✨🙌🏻

I'm all for coziness, beauty, cleanliness, comfort. Colife shares these values, for which I am very grateful!

Among the biggest pros:

• We're close to the center
• I have gorgeous girl roommates
• Cleaning, dishes, all the necessary equipment is there
It feels like home! 👏🏻
Thanks guys, you're awesome! 🖤
Alexandra Dmitrakova
I recently moved into an apartment at Tulskaya metro station with excellent repair located opposite the Danilovsky market.

Chic repairs all over the apartment and neighbors who appreciate beauty and comfort☺️

Considering the fact that I had already lived in another coliving, this one is better by all criteria. And the cost is well worth it👍🏼
Damir Imanzhanov
It's time to write a review about Colife!🔥
I moved to Moscow six months ago! And immediately moved into a very nice apartment with adequate neighbors at Preobrazhenka!
Isn't that happiness!? ✨
Cozy (thanks to Igor), comfortable (thanks to Elnara), clean (thanks to the cleaning lady), technical (thanks to Maxim), fast (thanks to Karina), friendly (thanks to Mark)! ⚡️
So far, I've put half of Volgograd in Colife!😂
The adequate neighbors moved out, so now I live with the best neighbors! ❤️

Colife, thank you. 🚀 #colifeshelterseveryone
Marina Khokhlova
Good evening! I want to share my pleasant experience of the room I rented at Colife. When I saw the photos of the room and the detailed description on the website, I really liked it. Although I had no idea that in reality it would be even better than in the photos.
The photos on the site are fully compliant with reality. It pleases.
I hasten to express my enormous, sincere gratitude to all the workers of this site for the accommodation provided.
Stanislav Kupchin
Hello, everybody! For quite a long time, my girlfriend and I were looking for a room in Moscow, and we had almost despaired and put up with our old room. And so we finally found the right room in terms of location and design, and exactly the room, which is super convenient. We were very happy with our room from Colife. And these are not just words, but more the feelings one has when entering it. High ceilings, a big bed, light walls, a couple of pictures, and nothing unnecessary. We spiced it all up with warm yellow lights and candles, and the Room became our seat of power. It's crucial to find a home to your liking and create a cozy place where you'll recuperate and relax after work. I wish everyone to find their own place with the modern Colife team, thanks, guys!
Valentina Rybushkina
Good afternoon, my name is Valentina, I am 27 years old. I am an interior design manager as well as a yoga teacher. I've been living in Moscow for about seven years now. Since I am a rather active and creative person, my life often changes, and it frequently affects the place where I live. So, during that time, I gained a lot of experience as a renter. I rented beds/rooms and apartments. Every time it was something special. Different relationships with landlords/neighbors, different location in Moscow, repairs, and so on. But there were always some aspects that didn't suit me and that I had to put up with. Not this time! I want to tell you briefly about the Colife apartment, which I've been renting for the second month at Polezhaevskaya.

You could say that at a certain point I just decided to take that step. Which meant living in true comfort.

I was lucky to be one of the first to move into an apartment right after the renovation with new furniture. It's really relevant to me. My neighbors are interested in yoga, psychology and photography, just like me. We have quite a harmonious company and atmosphere. It's very supportive in life. There is even a feeling that the energy of the apartment is positive, we all are going through a pleasant change. Sometimes, especially at first, I would get high just sitting in the room. Because I enjoyed the space, the high ceilings, and the design elements. For the first time in a while, my neighbors and I have no desire to run somewhere in our free time. Even a cup of coffee at home became more pleasant than in some noisy cafe.

The distance from the metro is a couple of seconds. The entrance hall, the façade of the house, the neighbors on the landing, all is very pleasing! It takes about 10 minutes to get downtown.

The Colife team is understanding, modern guys who are willing to go out of their way to help with household issues and monthly payments. Everything is very loyal on their part, you can always count on their suppor
A cleaner a few times a month is a real boon. Today's World has so much to offer, it helps to focus your free time on what's really important.

In short, for me, it's the best place I have ever lived in Moscow! I certainly recommend it.
Alexandra Const
It's all very bad. No, honestly, point by point:
1. Bad beds. They make it very hard to get up for work because you sleep like in a warm cloud, and the will to leave in the morning is completely gone.
2. Bad neighbors. They're sharing yummies, I'm getting fat. The other day, we had a late night in the kitchen, and I didn't get enough sleep, which combined with point 1 forced me to take time off from work.
3. Bad cleaning. In general, it's bad that it is provided. Because of this, I can not support a conversation with girlfriends about how I am sick with doing the cleaning. I have nothing to say when they are complaining.
4. Bad service. Before, if something was broken, I could invite a guy I liked under that pretext to visit me, but now the guys from Colife fix everything. (To be fair, it should be noted that Maxim is also good-looking. Put that on the plus side.)
5. Bad location. It was so good to drive for hours to Moscow, sit in traffic, and to have time to listen to the new albums, and to browse through the feed. And here it's five minutes from the metro, and you're home.
6. Bad service 2. I forgot how to pay my meters.
7. Bad design. I loved to dream about a room with wide windowsills and beautiful furniture so much, and now I have it all, a dream I can no longer dream.
In general, it's nothing but minuses. One good thing, Wi-Fi is fast: I use it with pleasure, so here I sit, scribbling a negative review. :)
Masha Pustokhaylova
I'm so glad I got to know Colife!🌿
💡It's very hard to find an apartment in Moscow with new renovation, close to the metro, and with such service!
💡I found an apartment in 1 day! I met a wonderful girl Karina, we viewed the apartment, and I immediately booked it! The next day, I was already signing the agreement and moving my stuff!
💡I have the best roommates to chat with on a nice evening with a cup of tea! :)
Thanks guys, this is the only company I can recommend for housing search in Moscow 🏡
Ekaterina Geryaeva
Thank you for a beautiful, spacious, and comfortable apartment😍 The view from the room is captivating! And a special thank you for the prompt resolution of problems🙌🏼
Elina Ilnurovna
I prepared for my move to Moscow in advance and even paid for a hotel for two months, which eventually closed just before my arrival. And so began the adventure of finding a place to live. The bank paid me back, but there was no time to risk it again.
I thought it was unreal to find a place to live:
▫️ Without a realtor
▫️ Within the Garden Ring (this is the main criterion)
▫️ With renovation and new Ikea furniture
▫️ Two minutes from the metro
▫️ With a clean and well-maintained entrance hall
▫️ Huge and functional kitchen
Especially in the autumn, when a large influx of new students and new arrivals for the big Moscow dream, but I cherishing my dream, rushed to turn genius, I contacted
▫️ I liked that the organization has reviews
▫️ No commission
▫️ The meters are already included in the price and you don't have to pay for them yourself (I don't like it)
▫️ Cleaning - oh yes, the colife have provided a nice present in the form of the regular arrival of cute cleaners.
▫️ The neighborhoods and houses are well-chosen, which also affects comfort.
▫️ I enjoy walking in the evening and it takes 30 minutes walk from home to Zaryadye Park.
▫️ Trust is very important to me. Colife entrusted the best of everything they put into the apartment for us to use. As someone who leases the place myself, I understand that it's not easy to leave a new bed, cupboards, fresh repairs for the tenants without worrying about damage.
Yana Kolysko
I have been living in Moscow for 6 years now, but none of my rented apartments has ever been so beautiful🥰 I like everything in this apartment: stylish interior, my wonderful neighbors, amazing view on the embankment, excellent service (all issues are always promptly resolved). I'm so glad I discovered Colife❤️.
Marina Rodionova
I want to leave my review about Colife service. First of all, I want to thank you very much for allowing me to feel the atmosphere of home, even when I was in a strange city. When I entered my room, I knew right away that this was my place and I wanted to stay here🤍
All employees, without exception, are very open and responsive people; the feedback deserves A+. Once a week the whole apartment is tidied up.🌿I was very lucky to find an apartment close to work, and also two minutes walk from the metro. Neighbors are pleasant, not noisy, no one encroached on the personal space of the other, for me it is of great importance. Colife helped me find my cozy corner, the place where I want to come back again and again🤍
Alexandra Lavrova
I recently came across a bright room among rooms with grandmother's carpets on Cian and opened the ad! Although at first, I thought it was a scam, honestly, then it was like a fairy tale as I viewed four different rooms in a day and finally found mine. Everything here is perfect!

And here are the most awesome stuff
#1 I work remotely, and it is especially important to me to have a comfortable workplace - here I have three (!) In just one room: a table, a bed, and a wide windowsill (my favorite thing) ❤️
#2 Really five minutes to the metro, a quiet square around the corner, good coffee nearby, an incredibly atmospheric entrance hall and a cool view out the window
#3 I am very, very lucky to have great neighbors! In the morning, we have coffee together, and in the evening, we have heart-to-heart conversations. By the way, we have a Dream Team, an IT guy, a lawyer, a psychologist, and a marketer.
Thank you, Colife ❤️
Nikar Alekperova
I am very grateful to the COLIFE team ❣️
Care and quick reactions are the basics that make a great impression.
Moving into a ready-made nest is perfect for the fast pace of the city. And it takes 3 minutes to walk to work 💔 Despite this, the windows of my house overlook a terrific quiet courtyard filled with greenery 💚 No traffic, no noise 🙏🏻 A good location for the number of stores and proximity to the metro.
Alexandra Solovyova
I write with endless gratitude to the COLIFE❤️ team.

Fortunately, I had no traumatic experience of living together, I always lived in comfort and coziness, but an important stage of life development is the separation from parents, including physical separation. So I needed to find a place where I would like to come back as much as I do to my own home.

There was a lot of anxiety. But a simple rule helped to cope with them: 'You just do it.' So I moved this month into an incredibly cozy apartment at Taganskaya, within walking distance of the metro. And it's a place where I want to come back and just want to be, and the neighbors are people I want to talk to late into the night and share experiences with.

Thank you so much for being there, COLIFE! I would like as many people as possible to learn that one can live comfortably, beautifully, with wonderful people and a convenient location✨
Yulia Semenova
"Home Stories". Who would've thought... I grew roots. I feel great. Enjoying the silence. At the same time, I don't get bored! :) I have noticed for a long time that I love people, I love communication! Colife makes it possible! You can hang out in the company of amazing neighbors, you can be alone. But I couldn't have dreamed of such a group of like-minded people! I mean my neighbors! :) Thank you, Colife, for the opportunity to find new acquaintances, be in comfort, and have a great desire to return home❤️
Diana Aukhadieva
Classy apartment in the center of Moscow, wonderful, and already a family - neighbors, comfortable and honest conditions!!! Colife, thanks for the coziness🧡
Azat Sharipzyanov
All in all! I deeply recommend it to anyone who wants to find a good place of living, with adequate and young neighbors, without any headaches. Service, from signing the contract to supporting during the stay, is superb. Minimal problems, everything is clear and honest. The room is nicely decorated, in light colors, and so on. All in all, do not think that a beautiful photo is tricking, reality is also beautiful. :)
I found a spacious room with a cool location, in a quiet house, with cool roommates ;)
Alena Stavitskaya
Thanks a lot, Colife! You're the guys that finally made me feel at home❤️ Once I saw my room, I immediately fell in love with it and did not hesitate to agree to rent it. :) Also we have a cool common area and a very friendly team, just the best location and generally all super-duper! Colife is the best 😘
Lyudmilka Grosheva
Dear Colife, thank you so much for the large, bright, cozy, clean apartment with an ideal location and renovation. :) Thank you for the opportunity to get to work on foot. :) Thank you for the support 24/7. :) Thank you for the new friends. :)
Marina Svechkar
Thanks to CoLife for the perfect apartment, cool location, soulful neighbors, and prompt support♥️
The guys do their best, create a place you want to come back to😍 and help with every question that comes up. :)
No more crazy neighbors, Cian and cheating realtors🙏🏻
Evelina Semenova
I'll leave my review!☺️

For a long time, I lived in a dormitory.
I dreamed of moving into a bright, clean, cozy apartment.
But I was very afraid to rent via websites because there is a lot of fraud.
My friend who rents a room by Colife advised me this organization.
She guaranteed complete honesty. Pleasant interaction from the staff. And a comfortable room. I decided to try it and didn't regret it one bit. The Colife company quickly got me a room.
They drafted an agreement. 👌👍

I recommend it.
Thank you!👌
The best!
I am madly in love with my cozy apartment❤️
Naya Vishnevskaya
Hello, everybody! I want to write a review about the room ☺️ I was looking for a place near the metro, green and not far from where I study and work. I was advised to try renting a room at Colife, and after the second viewing I decided to move in. :) I liked the fact that from the very beginning there were no difficulties with the viewing of the apartment, and then the signing of the contract. :) In addition, we have a positive atmosphere in the apartment. :) If something needs to be fixed, this issue is resolved promptly. And that's nice too. :)
Xx Xx
Hello, everybody! I want to say thank you very much for this cozy and beautiful nest❤️ Here I really feel at home. :)
It was very difficult to find a good room with repairs and a central location. So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Colife👼🏻
I especially love our gorgeous view from the window!🌇🌃
Special thanks to Karina💕
Darya Mironova
I am incredibly grateful that I have a home now. I was dreading the move and the moment of adaptation in the new place, but on the very first night, it felt like home.
Thank you so much for the coziness and your attitude towards the renters, as if we were your nestlings (winning pizza is my goal!!!) It's a total shock to me that you have pizza prize drawings. :)
It was very challenging for me to find housing, and I realized that it's a hard road to a better one. And I'm even thankful for all this torment of searching for the fact that I am here!
Alina Yukhnevich
I'll remember this story about finding an apartment in Moscow for the rest of my life...
For a month and a half I desperately searched for a suitable apartment with a good location, regular furniture, and a clean bathroom. Nothing! Nothing at all or very high prices.
I don't know how, but apparently, my prayers were answered, and I came upon Colife.
In the morning, I read the ad; in the evening, I already had the keys to the apartment. :)
That's it! It happens. :)
I just walked into the room and realized that's actually what I wanted from the beginning.
High ceilings, thick walls, clean kitchen, Ikea furniture, 7 minutes from Taganskaya metro.
A dream.😌💜
Thank you so much for my new home!
Anna Gerasimova
Thank you very much, Colife, for my life in a comfortable apartment in the center of Moscow😍
When I was looking for a place to live, I imagined in my head exactly this kind of repair, furniture. I was so excited when I got this option.

Now I advise all my friends to look for accommodation through Colife😇.

Special thanks to Karina😘
Sonya Pinka
Hello, everyone ❤️
The question of the apartment has been raised several times and, unfortunately, there was a lot of deception while I was looking for my place!
I tried to find accommodation with comfortable living conditions where everything is minimalistic; the walls and furniture are white or in pastel colors. But it was quite a challenge. Still, I found my way❤️ And it was all thanks to Colife.
The neighbors are great, we get along well!😀
I feel as comfortable as possible, like at home 😻 Before that I rented a room and I felt bad there :c
Everything is great now! I live at Taganskaya, lots of stores around, the metro is 7 minutes from home, and what could be better 😅 Thank you for my home ❤️
Gleban Zidane
Hello, everybody! Thank you, guys, so much for helping out with the room! The team is very helpful, they will always assist in a difficult situation, and if something is broken, they will come to the rescue. The neighborhood is a killer 💥 Everything's located within walking distance, and a couple of minutes to work. The apartment has everything you need for life, just move in, and that's it! Thanks again.
Alexandra Dzedzulya
Hi all, I want to say thank you very much for your trust, no need to worry about everyday things, and for your loving attitude❤️ The location and the magical sunsets from our beautiful balcony are worth it 😍Thanks to the guys (Karina, Ilnara) finding a room on the first day in Moscow was easy💪🏻 thanks to you😍Thanks a loooooot
Yury Verteletsky
Hey, guys. God knows I didn't want to write reviews, and I don't usually do that, I'm too lazy. But the staff compelled me, by their responsibility and the decisions they make in the matter of my shelter, in this crazy city. Our relationship has lasted almost six months, even longer, and I'm more than happy with what's going on. For all time, my accommodation issues were handled by several people, and here I had to change the location. When the question arose, the guys helped painlessly move to another place (Thanks to Nastya and Karina) I signed the agreement without even looking at housing, and I knew that everything was fine and in the content and the technical plan, even if there are drawbacks, I can write in WhatsApp, and they will help me to solve the problem. So hats off to you for organizing and running it. Coziness to everyone!
Alina Maksimova
Hi everyone 👋 I'm very happy that I accidentally stumbled upon Colife's Instagram page when I was looking for an apartment for myself. I can't stand Avito, Cian, other platforms. There are ugly Soviet apartments and rooms at crazy prices. I am very glad I found you, nice renovation, the house is always clean, administrators solve any issue in chat, adequate price, 5 minutes to the metro. Thank you for being there 💐😊
Victoria Zamkovaya
I know there are a lot of stories that start with the words 'I've been looking for that thing for a long time...', but as clichéd as it is, the same thing happened to me. :) I have been looking for that thing in vain for so long, near work, near the metro, and COZY...and oh my God, I finally found my corner. I have an amazing room, big, comfortable, and most notably, everything I need is already there. :))) thank you so much, Colife, for that 💜
Darina Sadartdinova
Thanks to the guys at Colife that I didn't have to sleep at Kazansky Railway Station. :)) Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency! You are proof that finding comfortable, cozy, and affordable housing in Moscow in a few days is real💘
Poisonous Dust
Hi everyone! :) I have been looking for suitable accommodation in Moscow for a long time and stopped at a wonderful room in Sokol. Thanks to Nastya for recommending this option. Very cozy room, perfect for work, and great roommates. :)
Elia Samarenkova
Hello, everybody ♥️
I moved to Moscow 1.5 years ago, and all the time, I lived in a one-room apartment, either with two or three people. And it wasn't easy. No privacy.

And then, with one of my roommates, we decided to find the perfect room in the center: so that both with a good repair and close to the metro. And just somehow miraculously came across your group in VK, and the same day we signed the agreement and found our perfect and comfortable room. With marvelous renovation and good neighbors. Just 1 minute walk from the metro station Kurskaya. With an amazing view from the window ♥️ And well, the list of pluses could go on forever! Thank you so much, Colife, you are adorable!
Yulia Koffer
Finally moved away from the drunks! :))

I'm a splits trainer and blogger, for me, the most important thing in the apartment is comfort (beauty), safety, and distance to the center.

My boyfriend and I moved to Moscow over a year ago, and each time we had very bad luck with our surroundings. Everything started with a more or less nice studio apartment in the suburbs and wild neighbors, alcoholics who raged and offered to buy drugs, abusers shouting at the child behind the wall in a way that makes you feel inferior and other characters that made you change your place of residence every 3 months. EVERY THREE MONTHS. And again there was a fee to the realtor + a couple of times we were not refunded the insurance amount due to premature termination of the agreement (everything was specified in the contract).
I was very tired.

In September, we were coming back from a vacation to nowhere. I started asking everyone around where they found the apartment, and one friend told us about COLIFE. At once, I went to view the room and immediately agreed to all the terms.

Moreover, this is our first experience of sharing an apartment, and I am very happy with it. There are young, friendly, and nice guys around with whom you can share an apple pie in the evening and who don't get in your way in the hustle and bustle of work. All the organizational moments are solved in chats, common areas are cleaned by special people, I was removed from a lot of routine work, I am happy and finally able to do my business. :)
At the moment, COLIFE is the only place I can recommend for a comfortable and safe apartment search.
Ksenia Kotova
Hello, everybody! My move to Moscow was very spontaneous, and therefore the question of housing had to be solved very quickly. :) And then I accidentally saw an ad for Colife on Instagram. It was a bit scary. But for me, it was very important to live in a clean, bright spacious apartment, without carpets or evil owners. I called the Colife team, and on the same day, I went to view my room (it, by the way, was a Sunday). Clean, beautiful, very downtown. The guys are responsive, quick to help in everything - they respond promptly if there are questions. We get on well with our neighbors, we rarely bump into each other, everyone is friendly and kind. The rooms are decorated in a minimalistic way, they are nice to be in, and everything you need is there, common areas also please. :)
Evgenia Michurina
After spending a month looking for an apartment for my daughter, calling 30 landlords, talking to them, and realizing that half of them are insane, to say the least, I came across a COLIFE ad.
After calling Karina and getting a consultation and answers to all my questions, I have no doubts that this is the best and safest option for my daughter.
For me, as an anxious Mom, the proximity to the metro, proximity to the center, comfortable living conditions with good repair, legal responsibility, and most importantly, safety were crucial.
As a bonus, we got a chat room with 24/7 support, cleaning once a week, cool and friendly neighbors, and a 10-minute walk to downtown, a bright and very cozy room with everything we needed!
Thank you very much for your efficiency and solution to any issues, for your professionalism and support!
Evelina Musina
Hello, everybody! I want to share my impressions about the apartment at Taganka😍 You can't find a better place! I am a student who came to Moscow from Ufa. I have always dreamed of a very cozy and atmospheric room in the center with an incredible view on a high floor. And Colife exceeded all my expectations!!! I got everything I wanted, and what's more, I have the best roommates❤ Thank you so much, Colife, it feels like home🤗 I can't imagine what I would do without you 🙏💕
Anastasia Solodovnik
I was afraid to come to Moscow and find myself without a place to live. Of course, the first time I lived in a hostel, looked through the ads on Avito and other sites.... but I was afraid to run into middlemen, black realtors, terrible neighbors... crappy furniture, and wallpaper.

The goal was: a cozy apartment or room, close to the metro, with good neighbors and repairs.

And then whoops, I came across a Colife ad ... at first, I did not trust, because what a generous take an old apartment to make repairs and lease. We are always afraid of something new. But I read all the reviews. Indeed these are living people still live in these nice apartments. Karina, the manager, helped me to find a room. She is a professional, took into account all the requirements, answered a lot of my questions, and I am grateful to her for that.

So feel free to contact Colife, without any cheating, unnecessary price markups they will help you find a dream apartment in Moscow.☺️☺️☺️

Prosperity to the guys and enter the Russian and world market. People need beautiful apartments and your care🏢💒😋💞
Aset Mukhametgali
The guys are very quick to handle issues and offer comfortable accommodations. I recommend it!
Nikita Sergeevich Shmarenov
A bit of backstory: When I moved to Moscow, I thought that housing was a dime a dozen, but it turned out not. Viewing apartments/rooms, I was surprised that they put a price tag of 25-30 thous rubles for a disgusting repair. It was depressing. After a long time, a friend wrote and offered to move into the room. I arrived at the address and this is what I saw:
1. Entrance hall. The halls are clean and tidy, I don't know whose merit it is, but when I come home late, it's nice to walk into them. The guys choose which apartments to lease and where to lease them.
2. Repair. Upon entering the apartment, I saw a pleasant minimalism. No more garish colors of 'designer-housewives.' Immediately it feels like home comfort and tranquility. That's when you realize that you're home and that you're back to rest. The toilet and bathroom are ordinary, but again without the butterfly curtains.
3. Room. The beds all have awesome mattresses. The first night I went to bed, my back thanked me. No couch, no old crumbling beds with mattresses from the '90s.
All in all, thank you for your work. Living at COLIFE
Kirill Simonov
I am recently in Moscow, and here, as you know, housing is a critical issue for every newcomer. Given that I had never looked for or rented a place before - it was a huge stress for me to find the right one. For about a month, I was viewing Grandma's renovations on popular real estate sites, and one day, I stumbled upon Karina. She texted me several options, one of which I immediately visited. The apartment had only been renovated an hour ago, and I had already moved in in the evening. Spacious light room, convenient transportation, 15 minutes by metro to the center for only 16 thous. rub. In short, it's like a fairy tale. Colife to everyone :)))
Oksana Malezhik
Thank you so much to the guys from the Colife team for such wonderful apartments with new renovations, furniture, and the interior in general! I fell in love at first sight and wanted to move to Moscow to live in this very apartment! 🤪😍😄 Karina answered all my questions in detail and helped with the choice. :)) Our apartment has wonderful neighbors! We got to know everyone from the first day and found a common language. :)) I'm very glad I found you❤️
Yulia Gurova
Hello there, reader! :) I can tell you that in Moscow it's a problem to find a cheap, cozy place to live, but Colife is a lifesaver! Where else will you find a room NOT in a 'grandmother's fleabag' with carpets on the walls and centuries-old dust on the rickety under-the-ceiling storage bin?! :)) Oh, and so that near the metro, not to pay the commission, to have cleaning in the common area once a week at the expense of Colife, and that the neighbors are normal? That's right, nowhere! :)) So pack your bags and move in!
Serge Mkrtchyan
I live at Mayakovka, next to the Satire Theater and the Peking Hotel. Convenient location of the flat. To Patriarch 2 minutes on foot, to the metro 3 min. The apartment has excellent repair. The neighbors are fun and interesting guys, there's always something to talk about, although we rarely cross paths at home. There are plenty of stores and restaurants near the house. Colife has the best offers on the market. All managers are professionals, in touch 24/7. If I move, it will only be via them.
Lights Lights
I've been living for almost a month now, I love it! Convenient location of the apartment, the room is large, light, I seldom bump into neighbors, and if we meet in the kitchen, we can chat at tea. The company employees are always in touch, if there are any questions, they will always prompt. ❤️
Alsu Gasimova
Hi everyone! :)))) I am happy with my room: it is very clean, cozy, and most importantly, it is in the center of Moscow and close to the metro. Friendly and smiling neighbors, and the girls who leased the room are very polite and punctual. Everything in the room is new, very cozy; the atmosphere is relaxing. I advise everyone to contact this company❤️❤️😘
Kristina Tolstenko
Hi there🌺 I've been renting a room for a week now and can't get enough😍 near the metro, stores, small shopping center. All within walking distance🚶🏻♀️ Quiet and calm neighborhood. The apartment itself is large and spacious. Brand new repairs, appliances, furniture. Very cozy and neatly furnished, you can see that they put heart into it🤗 For those who like to live in comfort and coziness is just a godsend❤️
Maria Molchanova
I am happy every day with my cozy room at Taganka😍 For a whole month, I was looking for a place to live, the important criteria for me were: - a quiet center near the metro - clean and cozy repairs - ability to place a mountain of my things so that they do not lie high and low - friendly and understanding neighbors - and a place on the sunny window for my plants. When I came to view the apartment, I agreed instantly. I did not yet know my neighbors as the apartment was just finished. But after talking to the Colife guys, I immediately realized that I have nothing to worry about and they will arrange everything for a comfortable stay. :) And it worked out! If you have any questions you can write in the apartment chat, it is oh-so-convenient, and any requests are solved within a couple of days. :)) Thank you for such a wonderful service and for what you continue to do style🙏🙌 For such fussy people like me, it is a real boon
Alina Boyarinova
Hello, everybody! :) Today, after two weeks in Moscow, I want to share my experience with you. I am from Volgograd myself. I came across Colife purely by chance, when I was looking for an apartment/ room in the VK group. I wrote to Karina, she is one of the company's representatives. I asked everything I was concerned about, and I realized that it was Colife that would be my choice. Geographically, I was in another city, but I had no doubts that I could be cheated, I was ready to pay and book without any appointments. In the end, it was necessary to conclude an agreement. I asked my friend to come and view the apartment, sign the agreement and make the payment. Everything went well: a week after the payment, I just arrived in Moscow, with full confidence that, yes, I found everything I wanted. I live with great neighbors, practically in the center of Moscow, I walk to Red Square from home in just 30 minutes - it's just amazing! Thank you so much for being there❤️
Mariya Kuznetcova
Have a nice day everyone🌸 I needed to find an apartment in Moscow urgently. And my salvation is Colife. Clean, cozy apartment after repair with lovely neighbors. It feels like you're living alone, as the other girls have their own rhythm of life. Apartment (room) in the center of Moscow at an adequate price. Thanks to the whole Colife team for this opportunity.
Vlada Starikova
Hello, everybody. I can't help but leave a review on my fancy little nest. I was looking for an apartment for a very long time. I was very anxious about it because I lived in another city during the search. I found guys on the hashtag #neighborhoodmoscow on Instagram, I immediately noticed the pretty pictures of the rooms and their location. Karina consulted me, thank her so much - she called me and wrote and answered all my questions. And in the end, we found a wonderful room, with a beautiful view. I booked the room in advance. I arrived and checked in right away. Thank you😌 you guys, you're really magicians.
Darya Drobinina
My colleague and I found accommodation through a group in Vkontakte: I rented a place in a room (a roommate will move in today), and he rented a whole room. We have a nice apartment with a very cool location, near the Garden Ring: it only takes me an hour to walk home from work in the center and along with the beautiful places. Masha lives in the third room. :) Until the last minute, I too had some doubts that this is not a scam. :) Because before, I looked at a hundred options on the Internet, and one was worse than the other. But Karina, with whom I had contact, showed in every way that they were an honest agency, and even bought me linens at my request. :) We were met, checked in, purchased what was missing in the apartment, and now we live without any worries. :)
Yulia Mashkova
I was looking for a place to live urgently. Unexpectedly and successfully, I found a room through Colife in Vkontakte. At first, I didn't really believe the pictures due to the experience of looking at other ads, but it turned out to be the opposite. I liked the room right away, and it was a great option that I couldn't pass up. Ilnara met me halfway, and I checked in at a time that was convenient for me. No problems with the company during my stay have arisen. There was a clear understanding that I deal with decent and adequate people. The apartment is nice and cozy, the neighbors are all young and good. My favorite place in all my time living in Moscow. If any of my friends happen to be looking for an apartment, I'll be sure to direct them to Colife. Contact these guys, you won't regret it.
Nami Dorzhieva
I've been living in my nice blue room for exactly half a year now😻 I remember the day I arrived at my apartment and was greeted by my roommates. One of them cutely ran out of the shower with a towel to show me the bathroom😇💋 Ilnara, the company manager, immediately formalized the documents and was herself a sensitive, considerate, and flexible person. :) The universe itself brought me to this lovely place where I found harmony; I meditate a lot, and everyone is so sensitive about it. This place is like my home with a huge family, and we are all sisters😻😻😻😻 P.S. By the way, this is the first project of this kind in Russia for young people, and it is relevant in Europe. :) It's great that something like this appeared in Russia 😱😇
Darya Snegireva
When I looked at apartments in Moscow, in the background of all the gaudiness, it was hard to believe that there were such beautiful cozy apartments, that all this is true, the photos are real, and it's not a fraud 😅 But after living here for several months, I can assure you that everything is even better than just a comfortable environment and good location. :) guys from Colife are always in touch, and always ready to help, and make living even more comfortable!🌸
Alina Gabdullina
Over the past 9 months, I have changed three places of stay, first, there were conflicting roommates, then there were inappropriate living conditions. I was already desperate, and then an ad pops up on Instagram from I made up my mind, wrote, got an answer at once, the next day, I already viewed the room, signed the agreement, and moved my things. The girl neighbors are quiet and, above all, respectful of personal space. Thank you very much for your promptness, compassion, willingness to answer all the questions🌸
I am very glad that now I have my own cozy corner💕
Yanulka Khublarova
My friend and I have been looking for an apartment with the accompanying requirements (comfort, convenience, not far from the metro... and much more) for a long time. It wasn't easy, because nothing was good enough. And of course, in a moment of desperation, we saw an ad, which rented a very cozy apartment. Well, we wrote and met with distrust, and from the second meeting we found what we needed and left a deposit and got a receipt, but distrust took over - although now it is a slight 50/50🤣🙈 But after our agreement was signed and we brought all the things, we felt relief, calmness, and peace of mind. Colife team gave us warmth, coziness, and comfort, and at the same time the most amazing Strogino district, which we loved with all our hearts and souls🙏🏽💐❤ We know wonderful guys in the team: Karina, Ilnara, and Ilyas😁 There is also Vlada, we keep in touch with her on WhatsApp, we report all our needs and breakdowns, the feedback is very prompt, which is incredibly pleasing😁 Thank you very much 💐 ElYana😊
Irina Polushkina
For a long time, I lived near the MRHW, and I was very tired of going to the center; besides, there is very little infrastructure for young people in the bedroom communities, so I decided to move to the center. After a week of driving around on Avito ads and looking at old, dirty rooms that cost 20 thousand, I despaired and started searching on Instagram using the hashtag #rentroommoscow. I found the guys from Colife and at first doubted because of the too beautiful rooms - I was afraid of fraud, but still decided to go and see. I fell in love with the apartment where I live now, with my room, I decided to take it at once. :) I have been living at Colife at the Garden Ring for 2 months already, and I brag to my friends😁
It is also very convenient that you do not have to worry about utility bills, internet, household problems, and little things, but you just write to the guys, and they solve everything.
Kristina Andreeva
I don't have much experience in moving. :) But when I was looking for the right option, I was very worried. A lot of factors are relevant to me. Home is always a special place. You want to feel calm, comfort, joy in it. I found such a place thanks to Colife. The location, the rooms, the interior, the neighbors, the empathetic attitude... everything worked out just fine for me❤
Karina Abramova
At the start, I was the first resident in the first apartment, in Sokol, it's been a whole year now! And now I'm part of the Colife team, which I'm very happy about and continue to live in my favorite room 💕 Ilnara is always trying to furnish your rooms with different decor and accessories without sparing any money! She will even buy you blankets and pillows. :) If you're looking for young and cool neighbors and appreciate the comfort of your home, then you go to Colife!
Yulia Samorukova
I want to share an impressing opinion for those who are looking for a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing accommodation! Moving 98 times, I think each of you no longer expect to get the living conditions that he dreams of. After getting acquainted with the guys, their attentive and extremely caring approach, the desire to stay came instantly! How do you do it? Thank you sincerely for your help, understanding in every situation, style, and beauty, that you create! I wish the project a huge success! And to all who are looking and still thinking, DARE, dreams come true here✨
Valeria Gicks
Thanks a lot to the guys! I've been looking for my place in Moscow for a very long time. After unpleasant situations with the owners (when they did not return the deposit and generally frayed nerves, I wanted peace of mind. I found an ad for a room in social networks, went, and viewed it... I stayed and realized that it was mine. For three months, I lived in a marvelous room at Smolenskaya, with an amazing view! Now I've changed locations closer to work - I live in their apartment at Taganskaya. In the evenings, I walk along the embankment to Zaryadye. :)) After such overwhelming care and human attitude, I do not want to change COLIFE for something else at all :)))
Asya Morozova
COLIFE is family♥️ From viewing apartments (rooms) to furniture breakdowns. They are like big brothers and sisters, always quick to respond and help in all cases🏠
For us (I live in a room with my boyfriend), the main things were: close to the metro, clean, good repair, friendly neighbors, near the park (square). COLIFE 🏝 has it all and will have it all.
Thank you for being here 🗺 For your hard work and dedication on this job🏰
Apollinaria Shavrina
Hello, everybody! When you move to another city, the issue of housing is always acute. Realtors who want to cheat, inadequate owners or bad luck with the neighbors-all this leads to the idea that it is impossible to find a good apartment. But it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. And the Colife agency was a real boon for me. I am very glad that I went to this agency because they chose an apartment for me in the center, and at a reasonable price, and with a good repair. The apartment had everything-an iron, a dryer, a washing machine, and dishes. I was very anxious about being cheated, but my doubts were put aside when a correctly drafted agreement was signed with me and a receipt was provided at my request. My roommates turned out to be very clean, well-mannered, and interesting people. The crowning cozy atmosphere makes me want to come home all the time. If you have any questions, it is only necessary to write to the chat room, and the problem is solved immediately. Don't hesitate and choose Colife. It is here that you will find cozy and good accommodation!
Anna Tarasova
Colife is a dream. 🥰

After two weeks of living in a beautiful apartment, and the feeling of a native place ☺️I never would have thought that sharing an apartment could be so comfortable 🤗 I looked and chose a room that would be perfect for me, in the end, I chose the best option, at the next metro station to the last place of residence. What could be better than that!!! 😍
Thank you, Colife, for prompt work in any situation and creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth ❤
Karina Ibragimova
Thank you so much for the wonderful apartment😍😍 everything is perfect 👐🏻 Repair, view from the window, and chic neighbors 👻 5 min walk to the metro ❗️ Thank you for the comfort ❤️
Apollinaria Shavrina
Hello! I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I finally resolved the housing issue. It's not so easy to find a bona fide owner in Moscow - you are constantly worried that you will be cheated. How glad I am that I went to Colife on the advice of a friend. The apartment, the location, the price, that's swell! I am very grateful to the COLIFE team and Karina in particular! She picked the perfect one for me! Thanks! ❤️❤️❤️