Let your apartment for 2 years or more tomorrow and get a stylish renovation at our expense
Under the agreement, we guarantee a small number of tenants who live for a year at least
Fill out the form and we will call you back:
We do property management. We rent your apartment for as long as you are willing to lease it. We make the necessary improvements. We select exemplary long-term tenants and maintain the apartment throughout the lease term.

You can better use your time, get a steady income without downtime and superb service while being assured that your apartment remains in perfect condition.
Advantages for property owners
We rent and lease for a long time
We rent your apartment for a period of 2 years at least.
We select tenants united by a common interest. We lease them a room for at least 1 year with a limit on the number of people living in the apartment stipulated in the agreement.
Investing in an apartment
We make an individual design project for your apartment. We stylishly furnish it. We fit your cherished furniture into our standards of the interior; we help you get rid of unwanted old furniture.
We always pay on time
We always pay on time and in full regardless of whether the apartment is occupied or not; no arguments in the tune of 'Salary delayed' and 'Get in our situation'.
We take full responsibility for the maintenance
We solve all domestic issues: from plumbing and current repairs to interactions with neighbors. We ensure cleanliness and control the order in the apartment with a weekly cleaning of the place.
Two figures we are proud of
Agreements with us were terminated by the owners for 2.5 years of work. Many owners lease several apartments to us for management, while others even buy new ones specifically for us.
Agreements with the owners we terminated for 2.5 years of work. We are extremely careful in the apartment search and know how to build an effective process that benefits both us and the owner.
Who the tenants will be?
Our tenants are young professionals.
They have recently graduated from university and are hard at work, so they appreciate the peace and comfort of living.
Decent and financially solvent
They choose comfort and service to concentrate on their work, and they are willing to pay for it.
1-2 people per room
Our apartments are not heavily settled. It ensures that everyone has enough space and guarantees silence.
We provide service
Our team solves all domestic issues and instantly responds to requests. This is how we build a long and trusting relationship with tenants and owners.
Feedback from property owners about working with COLIFE
Margarita Byalik:
'I had many doubts about cooperating, but when I started working with COLIFE, all doubts fell away, and I don't have a single complaint. For 2.5 years, there were no delays in payment, not even for a day. I formalized my relationship with the company as self-employed in Sberbank Online, it is very convenient, does not take much time, the tax is calculated automatically, so and there is no need to go anywhere. And the repairs in the apartment exceeded my expectations. Gorgeous interior!'
Lyudmila Vovk:
'I have girls living in my apartment. If there are any questions, no one bothers me. All issues and problems are resolved by COLIFE. I've leased my apartment to individuals before, and, of course, there have been troubles, and big ones: something's broken somewhere, I had to call for someone, I had to come myself. I even came by myself to pick up the rental. But now I am very satisfied and calm. I appreciate being paid on time and not being disturbed. I didn't even expect that it would be so convenient to let the apartment.'
Andrey Ryumin:
'I have been working with the COLIFE team for almost three years now. The excellent young team of qualified, punctual managers. You never need to remind them of yourself. Everything is always on time, everything is always clear. They did a good repair. Neat, cozy. There have never been any complaints or nagging from the neighbors or the concierge. I hope that this will not happen in the future. Have any hidden pitfalls been identified? There's no such thing. Let things continue as they are today.'

Denis Bilunov:
'I came across an ad for Colife and decided to find out what it was. It took me about a month to think it over, and now we've been working together for a year. The guys have a lot of apartments, which encouraged me to cooperate with them. The biggest plus is that all the finances are transparent, and there are never delays. Any issues are resolved quickly, and there is no pain in the neck concerning the tenants. I hope that our interview will help a lot of people.'
Our work
We make the necessary cosmetic improvements to the apartment and furnish it at our own expense. We keep the owner's cherished furniture and fit it harmoniously into our interior. We help sell or remove furniture that is obsolete and of no value to the owners
'It is so important to come home, to a warm and cozy place. Light walls, light furniture. Everything creates your mood.'
'I want to say a big thank you to Colife. And to all those people who text me periodically in Direct, like: 'Tell me, is Colife not a scam?' - It's not a scam, guys. You can safely contact them, come in, and sign all the agreements. Nobody ever disturbs you, if something suddenly breaks, they always fix it. Well, it's cool here. Or you can still write me in Direct, I'll repeat that, yes, we do live here.'
The story of how hard it is to move to the Moscow center and find a really good room with a good repair...

Just a month ago, I moved into my light, snug home. For this, I want to say a huge thank you to the Colife team. They create magical rooms for such creative young people...

Lease to a family or Colife?
It is believed that a family is an ideal tenant.
Why is Colife more perfect?
Composition of tenants
(in a 3-room apartment)
2 adults + 2 children
and relatives 'to visit for a while'.
3-5 working adults
Payments when possible
'Salary delayed', 'We'll definitely pay in a week', 'Get in our situation', 'I need to get my teeth fixed'.
Always on time payment
We take all of the tenants' excuses to ourselves. You are guaranteed payment on time and we are responsible for it.
Rental period
Can move out at any time
Only long-term cooperation
We are investing in the apartment, so we are interested in a long-term lease and a good relationship with the owner
Condition of the apartment
It is necessary to cosmetically restore the apartment after each tenant
Painted wallpaper. Worn out furniture. Traces of the animal presence (unexpectedly for you).
We keep it clean and tidy
We make repairs that are easy to restore and maintain. We control the order with a weekly visit from the housecleaner and constant contact with all tenants. We do maintenance on our own.
The owner's efforts
All by oneself
- To lease (or pay a realtor)
- To maintain/repair
- To monitor the schedule of payments due
- To always be in touch with tenants

Completely passive income
We deal with all issues and pay you consistently and without delay. We save money through established processes and knowledge of all typical problems.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Will you do a hostel or a daily rental?
We are NOT a hostel and NOT a daily rental. We only lease for the long term. Our apartments are sparsely populated: no more than 1-2 people per room. More often one person than two. There will probably be fewer people living in the apartment than if you let in a family.
Who will live in the apartment?
Our tenants are young professionals. They have recently graduated from university and are hard at work, so they appreciate the peace and comfort of living.

We do stylish furnishings and provide service, so we can rent rooms at a higher price. For us, price is the first filter for selecting decent and solvent tenants.
How much will I earn working with Colife?
You will earn more than if you let a family in:

1. We rent an apartment at market price and pay a steady fee, regardless of whether the apartment is occupied or not.

2. On average, a family rents an apartment for one year, and the average market exposition time for a 3- to 4-room apartment is 26 days. That's almost a month of downtime every year, plus a realtor's commission or your own leasing efforts.
We rent as long as you're willing to lease. We need to significantly 'invest' in the apartment, so we are only interested in long-term cooperation.

3. We do all the current repairs at our own expense. You do not have to invest time and money in cleaning and repairing the apartment after each tenant.
How many people will live in the apartment?
No more than 1-2 working adults per room. 63% of our rooms have one person living in them and 37% have two people living in them. We provide a limit on the number of tenants in the agreement. We don't allow animals or children there.
I have sensitive neighbors! Wouldn't that be a revolving door?
Working, and initially unfamiliar, adults live in the apartment. For each of them, peace and quiet is a priority. Therefore, if any tenant riots, the neighbors immediately notify our customer service.
We are responsible to the owners and tenants, so we respond immediately and take action on such issues.
Our tenants do not have parties at home, but go to those who have an apartment. :-)
Do you have a regular cleaning service?
Yes, we have regular cleaning of common areas in the apartment (hallway, kitchen, bathrooms). It eliminates possible conflicts between tenants over the 'order of cleaning'.
For us, it is also a remote form of control: our staff housecleaner checks the apartment and takes a photo every week confirming that everything is alright.
I have furniture in my apartment, don't you need it?
Indeed, not every piece of furniture suits us. We have our own style, and we know it's in good demand.
Where's the guarantee that you won't move out after 2 months?
One of our advantages is that we are willing to rent an apartment for as long as you are willing to let it. Initially, we need to invest in an apartment, so it is economically feasible for us to rent for a long time. In more than 2 years of work, we have zero broken agreements from our side, and zero from the owners' side.
What do you make money on, anyway?
First, we take a large (3,4,5-bedroom) but not very liquid object, and remake it into a more liquid one: we lease by the room.

Second, we develop a stylish design and furnish it at our own expense. We know for a fact that rooms with our design are in demand and we can lease them at a higher price.

Third, we are a service to both owners and tenants. Our tenants get extra 'perks' like regular cleaning, household chores, and no commissions. Owners enjoy a stable passive income without downtime, search for tenants, apartment maintenance, and unpleasant surprises.
What's the catch?
There is none. Our work is very transparent.

It's clear what's going on in the apartment. We will send you pictures after the design is completed. You will see that the apartment is nice and cozy, with no bunk beds standing around.

It's clear what we make money on: we create added value through stylish and functional room design and service for tenants and owners.

It's even obvious how much we make since the prices of our rooms are publicly available.

Everything is transparent and fair.
Who pays for utilities, light and water?
We pay for electricity, water, and wastewater according to meters. The owners receive meter readings monthly and timely.
Do you still have any questions?
Don't hesitate to contact us! Fill out the form and we'll call you back: