Stylish rooms for rent
no commission
You decide where you live and who you live with
We take care of the rest

Stylish rooms for rent
no commission
You decide where you live and who you live with
We take care of the rest
Ideas about how to live in a big city are rapidly changing. Not long ago, the young boys and girls faced a sad choice between a noisy, cramped dormitory and a ruined room next door with weird owners.
Today, there is a new format offering to live in stylish spaces surrounded by people with common interests and goals.
There is everything you need for a comfortable stay
• Enough storage space in the room and the hallway
• Comfortable bed with a blanket and a pillow
• Workplace
• Ironing board and iron
• Washer and dryer
• Kitchen utensils: crockery, cutlery, pots, and pans
• Microwave and kettle
• Fast Wi-Fi

Stylish Functional
With love
Our designer carefully thought through the interior of each room. Neat renovation, modern furniture, a mirror, and stylish posters on the walls. The place where all Instagram stories turn out awesome ;)
Live without worries Concentrate on what's essential
We're always in touch. Each apartment has a chat room with the residents and the COLIFE manager for rapid resolution of household issues

We solve all issues on the maintenance of the apartment, including plumbing, electrics, utilities, and the Internet. We'll handle breakdowns and inconveniences quickly while you stay focused on your own business
Clear and safe
No fraudulent schemes, crooked realtors, or weird owners

We work fair and square, visit us on Instagram and get to know our team and tenants

You get the information and documents you need for your peace of mind before you move in. And at the time of move-in, the rental agreement

Each room is under lock and key

We'll find a room and roommates perfect for your lifestyle
Our spaces bring together positive and ambitious young people. You get new contacts and new opportunities.

Note that each room is under lock and key. Thus, you can have your personal space and privacy.
Feel the COLIFE atmosphere from those who already live with us
'It is so important to come home, to a warm and cozy place. Light walls, light furniture. Everything creates your mood.'
'I want to say a big thank you to Colife. And to all those people who text me periodically in Direct, like: 'Tell me, is Colife not a scam?' - It's not a scam, guys. You can safely contact them, come in, and sign all the agreements. Nobody ever disturbs you, if something suddenly breaks, they always fix it. Well, it's cool here. Or you can still write me in Direct, I'll repeat that, yes, we do live here.'
The story of how hard it is to move to the Moscow center and find a really good room with a good repair...

Just a month ago, I moved into my light, snug home. For this, I want to say a huge thank you to the Colife team. They create magical rooms for such creative young people...

Guys, thank you very much for the warmth, comfort, hospitality! It's safe and secure with you! That's the right place, especially for me, coming to Moscow for the first time! You are doing a cool, big job! Bringing together interesting creative people from all over the country and giving them a real home!!! I wish to you prosperity, the growth of stylish apartments, and more of us! :) 100% recommended!!!
Marie Ra
works for Synergy
Hi, my name is Daria and I've been living in Colife in Khamovniki for the past 3 months. 🖤
It must be said that the apartment on Sportivnaya has its special magic: it is impossible not to fall in love with it.✨
All the guys who live in our apartment are like apples and oranges. Each of us works in a different field, but we all have one thing in common, that is, energy and a sincere love for our work. That's why we always have something to discuss.
For me, the Colife apartment is an extension of my very personal love story about Moscow and a source of inspiration every day.🌞
Daria Kulikova
Future doctor
After my first few months in Moscow, I faced the well-known problem of beastly landlords who get in the hair. The situation quickly got outta hand, so I urgently needed to find a suitable room in two days. TWO, NO KIDDING! IN MOSCOW... 🙃

But the marvelous guys from CoLife came to help me and just changed my understanding of finding rooms in Moscow. I honestly thought there was no such thing 😱 CoLife cares about providing the most comfortable housing based on personal parameters and people's preferences. The guys were very prompt and attentive to my request for help, and after two viewings, I found my baby. Two days were enough to find my ideal apartment in Moscow. Everything is very clear, understandable, honest, and most importantly, fast and easy!
Alena Makina
Marketing specialist
My name is Igor, I'm a photographer, and I'm tickled pink to find out about Colife! I almost live in Moscow City, the metro station is across the street, stores and shopping malls are close at hand; the location is awesome, in a word :)
But a comfortable location and views from the window are not all the benefits of life in Colife :)
As a creative person, I cared about the interior, and everything here is super! Both rooms and common areas :) One can only dream of such neighbors as in Colife. :) Friendly, clean, everyone has their own exciting activities. :) Living in this format is very comfortable, and during all the time there were no problems, not even queues in the shower or something. None. I spent a month looking for a place, and it was either far outside the MRHW, triple deposits to move in, or no guarantee that they are not scammers. But it's very easy to start living in Colife! :) Everything is made for people here. :)
You will not find this kind of housing in the center of Moscow and with such a repair anywhere, believe me, cause I tried 😂
Igor Berdnikov
Photographer and videographer
Hello! :)) My roommate and I live on Nakhimovsky Avenue in a very large and bright apartment.
Three minutes from the metro, a beautiful landscaped courtyard, clean entrance.☺️
I spent about two weeks looking for a room, bumped into scammers, the owners asked me strange questions on the phone.😤
I didn't want to look for anything at all anymore...
Until I got the guys' account.☺️
I wrote that I needed a room and preferably on the Gray metro line. Immediately I received an answer, and the next morning I already moved into a new, bright apartment. The guys didn't ask weird questions, they don't bug with calls. There is the cleaning, and once a week, a woman comes to clean the common areas. Also, there is Max (I call him a Fixie or a fixer); as soon as something is broken, I immediately turn to him, and the problem is solved. We have a group in What's App messenger where guys write in case anything happens or where you can ask a question. Everything is simple, clear, and very modern.
Alina Bosch
Participant of the reality show Soldiers in Skirts on TNT
It's all very bad. No, honestly, point by point:
1. Bad beds. They make it very hard to get up for work because you sleep like in a warm cloud, and the will to leave in the morning is completely gone.
2. Bad neighbors. They're sharing yummies, I'm getting fat. The other day, we had a late night in the kitchen, and I didn't get enough sleep, which combined with point 1 forced me to take time off from work.
3. Bad cleaning. In general, it's bad that it is provided. Because of this, I can not support a conversation with girlfriends about how I am sick with doing the cleaning. I have nothing to say when they are complaining.
4. Bad service. Before, if something was broken, I could invite a guy I liked under that pretext to visit me, but now the guys from Colife fix everything. (To be fair, it should be noted that Maxim is also good-looking. Put that on the plus side.)
5. Bad location. It was so good to drive for hours to Moscow, sit in traffic, and to have time to listen to the new albums, and to browse through the feed. And here it's five minutes from the metro, and you're home.
6. Bad service 2. I forgot how to pay my meters.
7. Bad design. I loved to dream about a room with wide windowsills and beautiful furniture so much, and now I have it all, a dream I can no longer dream.
In general, it's nothing but minuses. One good thing, Wi-Fi is fast: I use it with pleasure, so here I sit, scribbling a negative review. :)
Alexandra Const
Works for the online publication The Flow
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