Colife Accommodation Rules
General rules
For how long is the contract concluded?
Upon your arrival, we conclude a contract for 11 months. If you want to move out earlier (provided you have stayed longer than the minimum period of stay) you should give us 30 days' notice .
What is the minimum length of stay?
Colife is a residential project designated for long-term rental as opposed to Airbnb, hostels, or daily rentals.

The minimum length of stay in our rooms can be 11 or 5 months at the tenant's discretion. Also, the closing date can be set out in the contract. The rental fee with an 11-month contract is indicated on the website, the rental fee with a 5-month contract is higher by 1,000 rubles per month.

If you are interested in renting for a period of less than 5 months, please let us know before signing the contract, so we will be able to offer you special conditions. As a rule, the monthly rental fee is 20% higher than a long-term one.

Do you provide temporary registration?
We do not provide temporary registration to anyone. Usually in Moscow, a temporary registration can be provided by relatives or friends, that is, by people who are ready to bear responsibility for a person.
What if I have or am going to have a pet?
We adore fluffy creatures! But unfortunately, it is not possible to live with pets in Colife.
Can I move from one Colife room/apartment to another?
Sure! We do not take any fee for transfer if you have lived in your current place for more than 3 months and warned about your moving 14 days in advance. If you have lived less than 3 months or warned us less than 14 days in advance, the cost of relocation will be 7,000 rubles.
What if I want to move out without a 30 days' notice or after living less than the minimum contract term?
If you want to move out early you need to find your replacement. We will provide you with a description and appropriate photos of your room.

As soon as you find a person in your place, we will meet him/her, and if the candidate fits, we will conclude an agreement. Further, we will return you from 25 to 75% of your deposit: 75% deposit, if you find a replacement on your own; 50% deposit, if we find a replacement, and you help with showing an apartment and provided you have lived there for more than 5 months; 25% deposit, if we find a replacement, and you help with showing and have lived there for less than 5 months. If this way is not suitable for you the monthly rent is deducted from the deposit.

Do you show my room during my stay there?
Colife provides all its potential residents with an opportunity to see the room. In the last 14 days of your stay, we reserve the right to show your room to future residents with or without your presence. We assure you that we will warn you about upcoming visits.
Can I have guests?
Your friends can visit you in the daytime, from 10 am to 10 pm, but no more than two people during the day. Please note that guests cannot stay in the apartment without you. We request you to warn your neighbors about upcoming visits in the public chat room to maintain harmonious relations inside the apartment.

If you want to invite a friend in the nighttime offering him/her a place in your room, you should agree on this with us and your neighbors in the public chat room by providing us with the prospective guest's full name and phone number. For the comfort of everyone in the apartment, guests cannot stay more than three nights a month. If you rent a sleeping birth but not a private room, you cannot have guests at night.

The inviter bears full responsibility for the guests, including financial liability for property damage.

If I rent a private room, can I live with my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend?
If you rent a private room, you can live with another person. For this, you need to provide us with his/her passport and contact details. The rental fee for the second person is additionally paid: 2,000 rubles per month.
What if there are problems with neighbors?
В наших квартирах проблемы с соседями бывают редко, но если они произошли:
1) Обсуждение проблемы всегда помогает;
2) Простая совместная прогулка или ужин с пиццей могут быть ответом;
3) Если 1 и 2 не помогли, напишите нам, мы постараемся помочь!
Is smoking allowed in the apartment?
Smoking is forbidden in the apartment. You can smoke on the balcony with the door closed or outside.
What are the checkout steps after the end of the contract?
1. Room transfer upon check-out, as well as upon check-in, is performed according to the acceptance and transfer certificate.

2. The room should be clean, otherwise, the cost of cleaning should be paid: 2,000 rubles.

3. The checkout time is before 12 p.m.
Apartment and Room
What is in Colife rooms?
The list of provided furniture can be found in the profile of a specific room on our website. There is a bed, wardrobe, mirror, blanket with a pillow, and curtains in each of our rooms. Optionally, a dresser, desk, chair, working lamp, carpet, and blanket can be found there.
What is NOT in Colife rooms?
We do not provide bed linen, towels, disposable slippers, and bathrobes.
We also do not provide decorative pillows, vases, pots, and artificial flowers. We use the decor for photographs offering you the ideas for furnishing your room. You can buy bed linen and decor items from us at the price of Ikea and H&M Home.
What is in Colife apartments?
We ensure that there is everything you need for a comfortable stay in our apartments. In kitchens, there is always a set of furniture, dining group, stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, dish set and cutlery, frying pan, saucepan, knife, and trash bin. In the apartment, you will also find home appliances, such as a washing machine, iron, and ironing table, drying machine, broom, and mop. Please find more detailed information on items available in the apartment in the room profile on our website.
What is NOT in Colife apartments?
We provide everything you need, and such items as a vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, oven, dishwasher, toaster, water filter, rolling pin, potato masher, garlic press, etc. are optional .
Wi-Fi in the apartment
The apartment is connected to the Internet and has Wi-Fi.
Cleaning service
Cleaning of common areas such as a kitchen, bathrooms, and hall is provided in the Colife apartments. Your room is your private space, so cleaning is not provided. The cleaning frequency is 3-4 times a month, depending on the apartment. If you are not satisfied with the quality of cleaning, please inform the customer support manager in Telegram by attaching a photo and video to the message.
What is the check-in time?
You can check into Colife apartments and rooms from 8 am to 10 pm, during working hours of our managers. Check-in outside working hours is additionally paid and costs 700 rubles.
What if home appliances break down? (Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, stove, etc.)
If appliances break down in Colife apartments, please promptly inform the customer support manager in Telegram by attaching a photo and video to the message. We will book a service call for making diagnostics and fixing the breakdown. After diagnosing and finding out the breakdown cause, it will be decided on who pays for the repair. If the appliances are malfunctioned for objective reasons, Colife will compensate for the repairing cost. In case of improper use of appliances, the amount in equal proportions will be deducted from the deposit of all residents; we ask to replenish it with the next payment.
What if the bathtub/sink/toilet is clogged?
In case of a clog, please promptly inform the customer support manager in Telegram by attaching a photo and video to the message. We will order a clog remover. You will need to use the agent following the instructions. If these measures have no result, we will call the plumber. You need to confirm the time to meet the specialist. If the clog is caused by objective reasons, Colife will compensate for plumbing services. If the clog is caused by improper disposal of household waste (cotton swabs, personal hygiene products), the cost of work in equal proportions will be deducted from the deposit of all residents; we ask to replenish it with the next payment.
What if the bulb has blown?
You can buy a light bulb at your local store. If it is inconvenient for you, you can take a photo of the light bulb and send it to the customer support chat room. We will order a light bulb, and you will need to meet the courier and screw it in.
What if the Internet doesn't work?
We are not an Internet provider and are not responsible for any problems at the provider's side. In case of problems with the Internet, please contact our customer support and we will resolve the issue with the provider. We kindly ask you to use your mobile Internet during this period.
How utility bills are paid?
Payment for electricity, water, and the Internet is not included in the rental price and is additionally paid, which is 2,000 rubles per month per room, regardless of how many people (one or two) live in it. Utility bills are paid at the end of each month of stay. So you should also pay 2,000 rubles for the last month on the day of check-out. We usually deduct this amount from your deposit .
What if I am late on payments?
According to the agreement, you are charged a penalty in the amount of 1/30 of the monthly rental fee for each overdue day. We request you to always pay for your accommodation on time. If the deposit balance is less than 50% of the monthly cost of living and the payment is delayed even for a day, the contract is deemed terminated by deducting the deposit as a penalty.
Can I use the deposit to pay for the last month of staying?
The deposit cannot be used as payment for the last month of stay. The deposit is an amount that is frozen for the duration of your stay and is reimbursed within five days after check-out and when you return the keys.

The deposit is required to protect the rented accommodation from negative factors, such as various damage to property, payment arrears, etc. It guarantees the fulfillment of all the contract terms.

How soon will I get a deposit back after check-out?
Under the agreement, we return your deposit within five days after your check-out and return the keys. If the room is in excellent condition and there have been no violations of the contract terms, we can return it earlier.
How to book a room?
If you like the room, but you cannot check in on the day of the showing but within three days, you can reserve this room for yourself. To do so, you agree on the date of arrival and pay 5,000 rubles against the manager's receipt. We will not rent out this room till the agreed check-in date. After check-in, the money deposited is credited to the rental payment or deposit. If you change your mind about check-in, the deposit is not refundable.
Are there any discounts and bonuses?
We give a discount on accommodation when you pay for several months in advance: 5% if you pay for 3 months, 10% if you pay for 6 months, 15% if you pay for 11 months.

There is also a bonus for a contract with a tenant concluded on your recommendation in the amount of 1,000 rubles, and 7,000 rubles for a contract concluded with the owner of the apartment.
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